Overcoming fear in your life

Overcoming fear in your lifeOvercoming fear in your life seems like a full time job doesn’t it?

Overcoming fear …Fear hits everyone…but you dont have to let it get the best of you.

How does fear try to gain an advantage over you? Fear of failure, or rejection, or the unknown?

Wherever the fear comes from it will cripple your relationships, creativity, career or education.

Overcoming fear is one of the most important things one can do.

Fear of rejection

Rejection will affect 4 out of the 5 Temperaments but they each come from different areas.

One of the temperaments fears rejection because they dont want to lose a relationship with another person.

They desperately need that “connection” with the other person. Whats so important about that connection?

It allows them to “share” their life…their essence with the other person…

so them this connection is vital to life and happiness.

Another temperament fears rejection but not for the same reasons. While the first person we’ve discussed

fears losing a connection to another person, this person fears HOW the other person sees them.

They will think “do the see me as competent? do they see me as stupid or inept”?

All these things are important to some people while others will actually “play the clown” around others if it means

that they can keep the connection with others.


Getting rid of fear

Fear is always “turned inward” so KNOWING what Gods Word has to say about you, reading it constantly and

convincing yourself that it’s true and for you is what will make the difference in your life.

No matter what your Temperament is, God’s Word and his promise to you will make the difference in your life

It will help you to see the gifts that God has given you that fear may have hidden from view.

The Penewit Institute can assist you in dealing with ANY type of fear that may be attacking you.