Creating lasting relationships

Creating lasting relationshipsCreating lasting relationships …it seems easy to do but it can be difficult if you dont know where to start.

I’ve read books about lasting relationships that must have been written by rocket scientists.

The things that they suggest are confusing and unrealistic even if they really were “doable”.

Creating a lasting relationship depends on a few vital points…lets look at them

– Knowing God’s Word and lasting relationships

Why is knowing God’s Word so important? Because it will tell you everything about YOU that YOU need to know.

Let’s face it..if you meet a person who requires more that you can give then your relationship wont last long and if it does it wont be a happy one.

God wants you to know how HE sees you and how he sees you will show your gifts.

You must be convinced about yourself before anyone else will so The Bible is vital to all of this.

The Bible sill show you how to begin, and how to love your mate unconditionally.

So why isn’t it that easy? Love is ALWAYS something that comes from you to someone else,

so knowing your mate personally helps you to share yourself with them.

– Knowing their Temperament helps in creating a lasting relationship.

Why is Temperament so important? Its not “if” you build a lasting relationship with your mate but “how” you approach them to build!

Of The 5 Temperaments one loves physical/deep forms of affection and communication

while another Temperament seeks a more “cerebral” approach.

Ask what does my mate like, what are their interests? When you find out then share that interest with them.

I share my wife’s interest in crafting with her especially when she wants to show me something that she’s created.

I go to the many craft stores with her and show interest in what shes buying.

The most important part of this is to learn their Temperament

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