Spiritual marriage counseling

marriage counselingSpiritual marriage counseling

The one thing that took some “getting used to” in Spiritual marriage counseling” is that a couple will wait

to get marriage counseling until they thing that its “too late” for them.

When a troubles couple brings God into the situation, it’s never too late.

You may not have heard of spiritual marriage counseling before, so you may wonder what the difference is.

Should you see a marriage counselor?

The “short answer” is yes. Seldom have we met a couple that doesn’t need counseling of some sort.

A couple that is at their wits end, or that “can’t take it anymore” can benefit from a Word of Faith Christian Counselor.

Even a happy couple can reap the benefits of seeing a counselor if they want “more” out of their marriage.
We are taught that God is eternal…in his glory as well as his riches for us.

But what about a “more fulfilled” marriage? Can it be done? Is it even possible?

Lets read what Jesus said to the father of the demon possessed boy who begged Jesus to help him if he could

Mark 9 “23 And Jesus said to him, “‘If You can?’ All things are possible to him who believes.” 24 Immediately the boy’s father cried out and said, “I do believe; help my unbelief.”

Is success possible?

The boys father in Mark 9:24  asked Jesus to “help him if he could” so the father did have a basic trust and belief in Jesus.

I see the same thing in a couple that is having deep difficulty in their marriage…they come to me

because I’m a therapist with a Ph.D, …they can see me and so they trust me.

I’m asking them to trust a man they can’t see…Jesus Christ.

Just as the father of the troubled boy asked Jesus to “help him in his unbelief”,

I help them to ask Jesus the same thing. HELP ME HERE! MY MARRIAGE WILL DIE WITHOUT YOUR HELP.

Once they get to this point…any thing is possible.

Seeing yourself from the inside out

By this time I will have administered The Temperament Profile to them and interpreting the results.

They see themselves the way God made them from “the inside out” and begin to understand

that the problems they thought they had weren’t really problems at all.

Understanding how a Christian Therapist can help you and understanding your Temperament

can heal your marriage and set you on a blissful path.

It can start today…contact us.