Emotional pain? The Therapists at The Penewit Institute weigh in

Emotional Painsoul pain

Emotional pain is the root cause of most every ailment that plagues mankind …this pain is also known as “soul pain”.

It’s the kind of pain that wont let you rest because its always there, it comes in different packages but the damage it causes is always the same.

Emotional pain weakens one’s resolve…meaning that the desire to be happy, have a joyful marriage,

try new things or just grow in The Lord.

Soul pain the ugly truth

We’ve heard that “a little pain in one’s life is good for you” but we disagree completely.

We’ve seen emotional pain cause “self medication” that The Temperaments will suffer from.

People attempt to “dull the pain” any way that they can so this will affect the way each Temperament works

The Melancholy will typically self medicate because of the dark thoughts that  plagues them.

The Sanguine can self medicate because of the fear of rejection.

The Supine doesn’t have the ability to process rejection or making decisions so they will feel Soul pain.

The Choleric and The Phlegmatic will process soul pain differently as well.


Since there are many various blends of Temperaments the possibilities are endless,

so whether you are single or are in a committed relationship having your Profile administered can make the difference in ones life.

Even as each of the 5 temperaments will process pain differently, each temperament has its gifts as well.

The gifts come directly from God’s Word and the love in his heart, and as each Child of God trusts

Him with the pains of life these gifts will shine like His Son

  • The Choleric will lead with pure love
  • The Melancholy will think deep and without deperssion
  • The Sanguine will love and uplift people with His love without the fear of rejection
  • The Supine will find a “partner” of the Holy Spirit to vent to and guide them to making decisions
  • The Phlegmatic will find emotional energy that they didn’t know how to access

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