Does pornography exist in Christian ministry?

Does pornography exist in Christian ministry?

Ministers, the human equation

Does pornography exist in Christian ministry?[1] We all know that pastors wear many hats…they do many things, and I’m sure that you realize that being a pastor is one of the toughest things that a person can do.

But did you know that ministers are human? Most of you would say “I know that Dr Penewit”, yet most of us would understand if a man or woman were to become involved in pornography.

Being a Christian we would say “GET THAT PERSON SOME HELP!” and encourage the wife or husband to be understanding and forgive.

Pornography is “self medication”

Pornography is a deadly drug…yes pornography is a drug! When we view pornography with our eyes it creates an addictive chemical that is up to 100% more addictive than crack cocaine. The stress of ministry and the expectations cause many ministers to seek something that will soothe the emotional pain.

I’m not making excuses here, but the facts are in…most of the population of the planet Earth seek self medication of some form.

Ministers live in a different world

A Christian minister is many things…a shepherd, a healer, a leader and a friend. The minister is expected to live a perfect life. But when a pastor falls into sexual sin where to they go?

Nearly very pastor that I’ve talked to say that they would NOT go to their church board or denomination for fear of loosing their pulpit. Most likely they seek healing alone which doesn’t work…it simply gives the spirit of pornography to root deeper into their lives.

When a minister who has fallen into sexual sin is found out, they are usually removed from the pulpit and asked to leave. Healing then becomes even more difficult.

Knowing why one indulges in pornography isn’t enough…pastors need to know that there is a confidential place that they can go to seek healing. At Fort Worth Christian Counseling a minister can find out WHY they turned to pornography to begin with.

The road isn’t an easy one…but it all starts here

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