Marriage counseling: is it worth it?

Marriage counseling, is it worth it

Marriage counseling is it worth it

Is your marriage “on the rocks”? If you answered yes, then you’ve answered the question. All too often I’ve seen marriages fall apart when the answer to healing was easy to see. Where do we start? Its here that we can ask the question “Marriage counseling, is it worth it?””

Getting to “What happened to us”?

Whenever a marriage is in trouble it’s because the wife and husband are hurting. A hurting person will have difficulty in sharing themselves with their mate. Things that don’t seem to be a “big deal”, the “simple things” are the things that destroy a marriage.

“accidental rejections”

You’ve probably never heard of this term before but they do exist. We are all created by God the way he wanted us to be. [1] Knowing how he created us is the first path to healing of a marriage. God designed you to “react” to situations and things that happen to  you.

So what if your reaction hurts your mate? Will you be able to recognize it? Probably not. If we don’t know how God “wired us” to be…we may never realize how much we are hurting our mates until its too late. Its usually at this time that we ask the question   “Marriage counseling, is it worth it?” I see this tragic scenario happen frequently…but we CAN do something about it.

Seeing your mate from the “inside”

Learning to talk to your mate and not “bicker” may seem hopeless right? If you’ve answered YES!!!!!!, then I’ve got good news for’s easier than you may realize.  God created each one of us with a Temperament that is the key to communication. Why is this so important? Each temperament has different needs when people are communicating with them, so knowing what NOT to say is probably one of the easiest and most important things you will ever do for your marriage. It really is just as easy to do as it is to say!

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