Why does he take what I say wrong?

Why does he take what I say wrong?

Why does he take what I say wrong?I know that nearly every married woman (and quite a few single women too) ask this question “Why does he take what I say wrong?” This has been a question that women have been asking since Eve appeared in the garden. It’s the single most frustratingly asked question [1] .

Taking what an individual says personally is usually what brings emotional pain and heartache. There are two ways to listen to what a person says;

Listening to what a person says.

What a person says when they are communicating is important because they are speaking their mind and heart. Paying attention to the content of their message is a must if you want to understand what they are trying to communicate with you. The problem that many women face is the package that the communication is wrapped in. Most of us wouldn’t open a package if it was covered with grease or something that would hurt us…and yet that’s how many people see communication between two people, they look at what its wrapped in instead of whats inside the package.

Listening to how the person communicates.

How a person speaks to us is usually how we judge the intentions of a person. Most of us can tell if a person really wants to talk to us by the “tone” of their voice or by the “look” on their face.

Everyone that I talk to asks me the question “why does he/she talk to me like that”? Lets look at The 5 Temperaments and see what they say.

Understanding “Why”

Even though there is no excuse in talking to a person in a negative tone, that’s what many people tend to do without even realizing it. People function within their Temperaments 24/7 and without realizing it most of us operate the way our Temperaments dictate.

Knowing what your Temperament strengths and weaknesses are will teach you how to communicate with your spouse in a whole new way.

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