Everyone has a good reason

everyone has a good reasonOver the years in my working with people and the pains that they go through..

I have come to realize that everyone has a good reason for what they do.

My patients  desperately try to convince me  that they have a good reasons…

I realize that with most of these people the reasons are all that they really have to hold on to

They are unaware that The Word of God can change things, and change things fairly quickly.

So, the emotion… the feeling is all they really have.

Self medication

Working with people who self-medicate, and most people do self-medicate in one form or another..

I really see why they do!

I understand why they are trying to dull the pain deep inside of them.

I am not saying that it is OK to self-medicate but I am saying that I understand why.

Concentrating on why instead of what makes all the difference.

Instead of asking what are you doing I ask why are you doing it.

When we get to why the what is taken care of.

Exactly how we do what we do

Certain temperaments have more of a propensity to self-medicate than others.

This is because thought patterns and thought processes are different.

You may have wondered why you self-medicated most of your life and did not realize that the answer is right in front of you.

The therapists at the Penewit Institute   Will be able to show you exactly how God wired you…

We will be able to teach you why you do what you do and how to make positive changes.

I trust that you understand just a little more about the phrase everyone has a good reason.

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