Your mate? Pay attention!

PI LargeIf you are married then most likely both you and your mates have jobs.

Working an 8 hour a day job doesn’t give you much time to spend with your mate does it?

The time that you do spend with your mate must be quality time! It must hit the target!

First things first

I want to bring out a couple of points that will help you maximize the time that you spend with your mate.



  1. For these suggestions to work you must put God first place in your life. Not your mate, not your children or your job. God must be first place and most important in your life.

Living your life through God will allow him to teach you how to love as he does. And as we all know God is love.

He will not only teach you how to love and pay attention to  your mate but he will teach you the things that are most important in the heart of your mate.

Then he will show you how to meet those needs in a loving maximized way.

Living like this will definitely score points with your mate!

  1. Putting your mates comfort, needs, and desires ahead of your own will be vital.

Showing your mate that their desires and interest are important to you will show them that you care for them and their feelings.

What you are really doing here is that validating the feelings of your mate.

  1. The third thing that is important here is that you make deposits into the bank

Did you know that your mate has a bank? Will they do and that bank is called their love Bank.

You must be the sole and major depositor in this Bank.

Remember that if you both work then you and your mate spends more time around other people than you do each other. So being the major depositor in this bank is vital!

  1. Show an interest in what your mate is interested in.

I will give you an example. My wife Linda is a crafter. She really enjoys scrap-booking and crafting.

On our days off I spend my time with my wife going through all the craft stores in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

She really enjoys doing this and I enjoy putting the time and effort that it takes to do it with her.

What am I doing? I’m depositing into my wife’s love bank by pay attention to her. I am showing her that her interest are important to me and therefore she is important to me.

How does all this work?

We have all been created by God and each one of us is divinely unique.

The best way to find out exactly what your mates needs are is to learn what your temperaments are.

Each temperament has what we call a temperament need. And knowing that will make all the difference.

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