When things don’t go as planned

When things don’t go as planned in your life, what do you do?

Perhaps you were in a relationship and you expected that relationship to last for the rest of your life but it didn’t

Or, you are in a relationship and it is a very unfulfilling relationship.


Why is this happening?


The questions that we always ask is “why is this happening“?

You may be asking yourself the question why is this happening to me?

There are answers to these questions, but perhaps they’re not forthcoming.

More times than not we attempt to place the blame on somebody…


The way out

A Patient will come to me and most often they simply want the pain to stop.

They want the bitterness to go away.

At this point in their lives things are so painful that they cannot begin to see a way out.


Planning starts with me


This is the point where healing can begin if the patient allows it to be so.

We begin to discover what part they played in the failed/failing relationship

We begin to help them understand the statement “it starts with me“.


you can only change you


At The Penewit Institute the general approach we take where marriage counseling is concerned  is looking inward.


Counseling two individuals and helping them here will allow them come together again and help the marriage heal.


Our process


Working with two individuals can be difficult unless you know where to look


The 5 Temperaments


Your therapists will administer a temperament profile on the couple.


This profile will reveal exactly where your strengths are, and exactly where your weaknesses are.


We will be able to answer the question “why is this happening to me” and “why is our relationship / marriage failing?”


Your therapist will help you to see where your strengths are as well as your weaknesses.


At this point we will then teach you how to help meet both you and your mates temperament needs.


As we continue in the sessions you will see your relationship begin to heal right before your eyes!

Things may not be happening as you had planned…but they can!

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