Finding the “lost hope” in your marriage (part 2)

the lost hope“The Lost hope” beginning to put it together



We are discussing The lost hope.  Hope comes from God so we must approach him to get genuine hope back into our lives and marriages.

God has created each one of us a certain way and temperament comes into play here.


Whenever I am working with a patient who has lost hope the first question that they always ask is why?

“Why is this happening to me”?


Most of the time the difficulty is simply that a mate hasn’t learned how to communicate with their spouse.


You and your mate are standing nose to nose trying desperately to get the other to understand where you are coming from.

And the person standing right in front of you is trying to do the same thing.


You have tried everything but nothing seems to work!  Then anxiety begins which is followed by despair and then depression.


“The lost hope” One step at a time

Learning to understand how a person thinks isn’t something that we can learn overnight.


So we have developed a plan that explains how your mate thinks one step at a time.


Lets look at the five temperaments and how they work.


I would like you to click the link that says the five temperaments and read a little bit about them.


What you will realize is that God made people very different and these differences can work together if we know how.


A Melancholy is “task oriented“will communicate from a logical perspective whereas a Sanguine is more “people oriented” and will communicate by emotion.


If a Sanguine tries to communicate emotionally with a Melancholy it will tend to stress and anger the Melancholy.


There are other areas where Temperament comes into play so


the first step is to approach The God of Hope and


the second step is to learn your temperament.