The ghosts that make our decisions


Ghosts It’s the ghosts that make our decisions

I think that many people are fighting ghosts from their past and they are so terrifying and impossible to beat that through fear they begin to control the decisions that we make.

So if you are having difficulty making the right decisions, ignore them and go to the Bible and let it make the decisions for you. And we will help you defeat the ghosts in your life.

Sometimes its difficult to make a decision, and other times it’s literally impossible to make a good decision by yourself.

Who makes the decisions?

“Ghosts from our past” are what I’m talking about today. They are attached to things (usually bad things) that have happened to you in the past.

The pains of our past and its memories will eventually make our decisions for us.

It is these memories that drift in and out of our mind that will eventually be the deciding factor for our decision making.

This may be evident during election years and in your marriage relationships.

The memories of the negative things that have happened to you cause you to move from decision to decision,

so this decision is being made using “negative energy”

Should I stay with my mate? or should I go ahead with an affair? Who should I vote for?

Often one will think about the painful relationship that their parents or close friends has while growing up.

These memories will cause one to think using this “negative energy” Let’s listen in on the thought process

  • My parents divorced…my mother had an affair so my wife will too besides that I don’t ever remember them having a happy day
  • My party candidate reminds me of a person that caused me pain so do I vote for the other party candidate?
  • All men are bad (I was sexually abused by an uncle)

The list can go on but I think you understand what I am saying. So whats the answer?

Let The Bible make your decisions

I realize that this may seem old and antiquated to you, but using The Bible will always guide you into right decisions.

It doesn’t matter what the decision is, The Bible will guide you into a decision that wont hurt  you.

It will lead you into live decisions that won’t affect you negatively spiritually or emotionally.

God will always offer a way out in any decision that will benefit your life!

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