God will forgive ME?

God will forgive ME?







God will forgive ME?

If you have ever made the statement “God will forgive me? (1) You’re not alone because most every person that I have ever worked with asks the same question. If you are a Christian then more than likely you’ll understand that Jesus Christ died and rose again to forgive you your sins. But the evil one seems to have a way of making each one of us feel like we have committed the unpardonable sin. So let’s look at a few of the temperaments where we will discover that each temperament looks at forgiveness just a little bit differently. (2)  As we look at each one of these temperaments we must remember one thing, and that is each one of the temperaments fears rejection. Rejection is the enemy of each human being on this planet that a specially Christians!


Let’s look at the Melancholy Temperament.

The Melancholy Temperament will have difficulty admitting their mistakes, and so they will have difficulty asking for forgiveness or even believing that God could forgive them.  They will ask the question ” God will forgive me?” I have found that once the Melancholy understands that the way they are is normal for them, then they will be more forgiving of themselves and understand that God can indeed forgive them. 


Let’s look at the Sanguine Temperament

The Sanguine will have difficulty believing that God could forgive them because most of the time when they do sin it is on an emotional or physical level. No matter how hard the Sanguine tries, unless they learn about themselves and why they do the things that they do they will always go back to the same sin and that is the sin of the flesh.


There are other temperaments involved here, and each one of them has their own difficulty believing that God could forgive them. The unique ability that we have here at Fort Worth Christian Counseling allows us to teach each individual exactly what is going on inside of them and to help them understand what is going on inside of them.

Once a person begins to understand why they do the things they do, why they say the things they do, and why they make the decisions that they make, then healing begins with and each individual within marriage is within families so that a life in general will be easier and the stress and the depression will eventually leave.

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