Freedom (the kind you never thought you’d find)


Freedom (the kind you never thought you’d find)

When I see someone find this kind of freedom, the joy that it gives me is indescribable! Freedom (the kind you never thought you’d find) My wife and I work with people on a daily basis, usually all day five days a week. And when we interact with people it always brings us joy because my wife and I enjoy seeing people healed and set free. So today I want to talk about what can set you free starting with one and work and are way down as far as we can.

Jesus Christ

Freedom (the kind you never thought you’d find) Everything that we do, every way we approach a person to help them heal comes through one source and one source only, and that source is Jesus Christ and his light. When we look at people and the situations that they are in, we can only conclude one thing and that is that darkness has overtaken them. But we have seen this many times before, because we have been in the same situation more than once. (1)

John 1:In him appeared life and this life was the light of mankind. The light still shines in the darkness and the darkness has never put it out.

Freedom (the kind you never thought you’d find) I am sincere when I say that Jesus Christ is truly the light of this dark world because I’ve seen it countless times in the eyes of individuals who sat across for me in one of our therapy suites who first begin to realize that they are being set free! The light begins to shine in the darkness that they have been placed in and as that light gets brighter all of the hurt and pain begins to go away. The darkness the hurt and the pain cannot stay where there is light, the light of Jesus.

The Word of God

Freedom (the kind you never thought you’d find) When an individual that reads the bible, especially scripture verses that deal with the pain that they’re feeling healing begins to happen. This is a unique and intimate thing between the person and The Father Himself. When this individual finds Him they will find the love and tenderness and acceptance that they’ve been seeking all their lives. (2)

So where do we fit into all this?

Freedom (the kind you never thought you’d find) What Fort Worth Christian Counseling does is explain to an individual exactly how God created them to be. We explain why  they feel the way they feel about things, we explain why they make the decisions they make, and we explain why exactly who and what they are. We explained to them what their unique temperament is. Questions that an individual has about themselves from the beginning and beyond are all explained person learns their temperament is and how to meet temperament needs and a Godly way.

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