The God connection in counseling

The God connection in counseling

The God connection in counseling

When a person comes to us for counseling, they usually call us because they realize that we are Christians. The God connection in connection is what they are really seeking.  Through my experience in counseling other people I’ve come to realize that they always seek one thing, and that is God when they are counseling.  There is a hunger inside the person, a desire to connect with God to receive the answers that they need.

If you have are read any of our articles then you know that we are professional certified (1) Christian therapists (2).  Fort Worth Christian Counseling uses the latest techniques and therapeutic counseling models in counseling.  My wife and I realize that without the God connection in counseling we would be spinning our wheels so-to-speak, so it is vital that we use the bible and prayer as the main stay of our counseling practice.

What does all this mean for me?

What this means is that when you that begin working with one of the therapist at Fort Worth Christian Counseling, the approach will be not only using the latest therapeutic counseling models, but we will actually open the Bible and use this wisdom during our counseling sessions.

Learning to trust in God and his love for us is best accomplished by experience.  People come to us because they have been hurt and some have been deeply hurt sometimes by life situations and general and others have been hurt by family members or relatives.

We truly understand that an individual may think that since they have been hurt by everybody else in their lives that God would hurt them as well.  People who have been abandoned, people who have been ignored or ostracized by the very people that were supposed to love them will have difficulty trusting God.

Using the Temperament Profile and The Word of the Living God we will help guide you in to healing and an increased trust in God that you never thought that you could ever achieve!

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