How to be PATIENT in your marriage

PATIENT in your marriagePatient in your marriage

To some the phrase “How to be PATIENT in your marriage” is laughable….

and something that you may not have seen in years in your marriage.

Patience is a gift…a vital gift but not just in marriage it’s a gift for all mankind.

Every one of The 5 Temperaments have a need for patience because without it the weaknesses can become apparent.


Lets look at 2 Peter 1:6

2 Peter 1:6and in [exercising] self-control [develop] steadfastness (patience, endurance)


Lets face it…when you are mad at your mate you can’t really think very well. All you really think about is how angry you are at your mate,

how hurt you are, how much pain they are causing you etc.

So how can patience bring about change in your marriage?

How Patience fits into your marriage

When there is patience in a marriage it opens some things and closes others.

Patience opens your ears

Can you hear Gods loving voice speaking to you when you are angry at our mate?

Most likely you are “speaking your mind” when you are angry with your mate…and we know what happens when we do that!

It’s God’s desire for us to love each other the way he loves us,

so lets look at how a few of the Temperaments love.

The Melancholy will love very deeply but with them “still waters run deep” so they may not show it very well.

One needs to approach a Melancholy with patience and understanding. They need time to process things.

Pushing them will only bring about anger and resentment.

The Sanguine will love with a flood of emotional/physical affection. Patience is the key with them!

Resisting their advances will bring about anger and strong feelings of rejection.

The Supine will love with trepidation and caution…but their love is probably the deepest of all.

The Supine AND their mates must learn how to communicate with each other.

Explaining to The Supine the “how’s and whys” of their unique selves will bring about patience in both husband and wife.

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