Perseverance in marriage



Perseverance…DON’T GIVE UP!

I know this sounds good but in marriage perseverance can seem impossible.

If you’ve been any length of time and the “honeymoon phase” is over…you know what I’m talking about.

Whenever two people come together there WILL be a difference of opinion…why? because we all have different needs.

Perseverance and Temperament

As you may know there are 5 Temperaments and many “blends”  as well.

they are:

  1. The Melancholy
  2. The Choleric
  3. The Sanguine
  4. The Supine
  5. The Phlegmatic

Each one of these Temperaments have temperament needs,

and if a person doesn’t get these needs met it can cause problems in a relationship.

A couple can learn what their Temperaments are which will help them understand much about each other,

but they must also learn to help meet each others needs and that is where the problems can begin.

Where perseverance begins

Lets put this into Biblical perspective:

2 Peter 1:6 b  “and in [exercising] steadfastness [develop] godliness (piety)

Another word for “steadfastness” is perseverance…and it means “keep doing what is right” “don’t give up, even when things get painful

But did you know that perseverance causes a Godliness to manifest in one’s life?

Patience is a gift that calms things down so that you can meditate on what The Bible instructs.

In effect…it “brings the good out in you” by learning “what would Jesus do”!

I realize we’ve heard that phrase before, but if we follow it out in our marriages it

helps us to make the right decisions during tough times.

Practical perseverance

So how can we be practical in our perseverance?

One way is by listening to your mate in a way that allows them to speak what is on their minds safely,

so learning your mates Temperament is how to accomplish this.

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