How to train your brain and be a success 1


train your brainHow do you begin to “train your brain”?

There are techniques that you can use but no 2 people can apply these techniques the same way.

So before you begin you must learn how God “wove you” even before you were in your mothers womb.

Once we know this, we can begin to use techniques that will begin the “re-training” of your brain.

We administer the Temperament Profile to you and with those results we can show you how to train your brain in a perfect way that is unique only to you!

So lets begin!


Your heart or soul is a great place to start.


Lets read what the book of Proverbs has to say about this important subject

Proverbs 4:

vs 23 Keep and guard your heart with all vigilance and above all that you guard, for out of it flow the springs of life.

What you allow into your heart dictates what you will meditate (think) on. So what we allow to fill our hearts is what controls our thought life.

But what part of the heart do we think with?


We think with our MIND…and another word for the mind is Inclusion.

HOW we think is more vitally important than WHAT we think. So if the following temperaments don’t know the proper way to think…they will begin “toxic thoughts”

Ways that The 5 Temperaments think;

  • the temperament that has a mind that “won’t shut off”. So moods control the way you think.
  • the temperament that can think if there are people around, they will get stressed if they “think” for long periods of time  alone
  • the “low energy” temperament that has a knack of always finding the “easy way out”.
  • the “low energy” temperament that has a knack of always finding the “easy way out”. Has difficulty “thinking something through”
  • the temperament that has difficulty making decisions and so has trouble thinking on their own