Why choose a Temperament Therapist?

Temperament Therapists are here to help!

temperament therapist1. The Temperament Therapist has the unique ability to assist you in developing a life goal that is designed personally with your unique God given temperament in mind.

2. The Temperament Therapist will reveal to you how your temperament (sometimes called “your makeup”) affects your marriage, personal relationships and your career.


3. The Therapist will reveal how change takes place in your life and why you may resist this change.

4. The Therapist will be an accountability partner showing you how your life can make you a success.

5. The Therapist will teach you about the emotional aspects of your self, WHY they are there and how to use these strengths in relationships

6. The Therapist will teach you to resolve weak areas in your life such as careers that are not working for you, struggles with marriage/family  and dealing with behavioral patterns that affect your life.

7. The Therapist will reveal to you, paths that lead to success in your passions and plans for your life that will work for you.

8. The Therapist will show you why you haven’t reached the goals and dreams that you set out to achieve.