Hurt people, hurt people…hurting people

hurting people

Hurting People

Hurting people …hurt people hurt people, but let me clarify what I’m saying.

People who are hurting tend to hurt other people. The reasons vary but the results are always the same.

Hurting people have a unique way of communicating with others and especially their loved ones.

They respond to people out of the same pain that they are in because most likely this is an area that they are familiar with.

Familiar Territory

Dysfunctional families usually produce people who hurt other people.

If one looks at the reason that they are hurt by parents or peers…there really is no logic as to why.

Even good families can produce hurting people right? The reasons why may never be known.

Most often people who are hurting prefer to stay in this area because its comfortable.

They know how to navigate in hostile areas and may have never been in a loving environment.

So they go from broken relationship to broken relationship.

If you’ve ever wondered why people (especially women) stay in abusive relationships…this is the number one reason


Learning how to love

People who live a life of hurt may want to find a home of love…but how?

They have been hurt all their lives by everyone they’ve ever tried to love but to no avail.

When someone comes along that wants to love them they simply cant understand why.

The Fact is they cant speak the same language…and so mistrust will always be the wall between them.

First love first

Genuine love will always begin with realizing that God loves you unconditionally.

God’s love is THE GENUINE LOVE and without it we will never see the real thing in others.

There’s an abundance of counterfeit love in the world…so we teach others God’s love first…

and once they see the real thing they are able to begin to see genuine love in others.


If you are living this life without knowing how to love and be loved we want to meet you. Contact us today…we can help