Are you a “Prodigal Child”?

Are you a "Prodigal Child"?Prodigal

I’m asking the question Are you a “Prodigal Child”?

Watch Keith Greens video below:


I’m sure we can all relate to this at various times in our lives.

“Going our own way” in life only to realize when its “too late” that we make a mistake?

It makes us feel like a failure when we do that doesn’t it?

And even if we do repent to The Father it takes us a long time to “get started” again in life.


 The son realized his position

When we think about The Prodigal son” we read how he spent all his money and ended up feeding pigs.

He then realized that he needed to return to his father begging to “come home”

I think the son thought his life plan through before he left home with his fortune.

He planned where he was going to go, where he was going to live and what he was going to do.

I don’t think the son went out “blind”…

But the best conceived plans can go wrong as the son learned.

He fell to his knees by the poverty that overtakes him.

He then realized that his “home” wasn’t where he was at the time…but it was with his “Father”



The Greater Act

We think that the son realizing that he needed to go home was the greatest act in this parable.

When we “take that journey” away from The Fathers best for us and end up in failure

we sometimes feel that we need to punish ourselves because of our thoughtless act.

It isn’t…the greatest act

The greatest act was his Fathers persistent love and preparation for his sons return

The Father had always planned for his wayward son to return…so he already forgave his.

YOU are already forgiven, and it doesn’t matter what you did (or are doing)

Returning to The Father will bring healing and oneness that you are lacking.

All 5 of The Temperaments will look at this differently but every one of them need God to survive and thrive.

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