I’m totally broken

I'm totally brokenSo often I hear my patients say this one thing “I’m totally broken”

“I’m totally broken”… My heart goes out to people who say this because I can relate to them.

Have you ever said this to yourself or someone else? If you have then you know what im talking about.

This phrase  can  mean different things to The 5 Temperaments

Because each Temperament has different “needs” the pain can affect each Temperament differently.

This brokenness most frequently comes from one source…REJECTION

If you’ve been rejected then you will most likely have “low self esteem” issues.

How do we deal with each Temperament with this brokenness?

Jesus is the healer

Knowing Jesus and what HE thinks about you is the path to healing.

God created us all with a Temperament…which means that he knows what we are all going through.

Each Temperament will approach this brokenness differently, but it has the same result. PAIN

God created healing and he has a specific healing just for you


Each Temperament and rejection

So lets look at the basics of each Temperament where rejection comes into play

The Sanguine

The Sanguine is a “lover of people” and they have a “temperament need” to be involved with people.

If they cannot connect with pepole they will feel lost and abandoned.

If people (especially loved ones) reject them it can be a painful life that ehy will lead.

Fort Worth Christian Counseling can show He Sanguine how to not only cope, but get victory over this issue

The Supine

The Supine has extreme difficulty dealing with rejection and so will need professional help in learning how to gain victory

They simply do not have the mechanism to process rejection.

Fort Worth Christian Counseling is the expert in the field of The Supine and can offer guidance to healing

The Melancholy

This Temperament get their “self worth’ from being accepted by other people.

While they do not wish to become involved with too many people, rejection can cause severe depression.

Fort Worth Christian Counseling can help The Melancholy to learn how to “slow their brain down” which will help with rejection

The Choleric

This temperament will deal with rejection by turning the “punishment of rejection”back to the sender.

This can cause grief to the Choleric as well as failed marriages and relationships.

Learning how to lead is primary for them and Fort Worth Christian Counseling can teach them how

The Phlegmatic

This is the only Temperament that won’t feel the pain of rejection the way other Temperaments do.

This Temperament simply doesn’t have the emotional energy to care and so they simply “move on”


This is just the “tip of the iceberg” for this subject Contact us to learn more