Low self esteem

low self esteem

Low self esteem

All to often a person who has suffered rejection (especially as a child) they will look at themselves with low self esteem.

Low self esteem comes from fear and rejection which can happen even before birth.

satan doesn’t play fair and will try to attack you when you are the most helpless.

most people are dealing with low self esteem from “as far back as they can remember”


Low self esteem affects everyone

Believe it or not…this affects everyone…even those who seem secure in themselves.

  • The “over achiever” is one who keeps climbing and amassing more and more…trying to raise his/her esteem.

This person will actually get his/her self esteem from other people. It may be the car that they drive or the house that they live in

the clothes that they wear or the accomplishments that they have achieved.

They seek your reaction to what they have done and will try to use it to raise their esteem.

This rarely if ever works…and it makes the individual hunger for more.

It becomes a vicious cycle that doesn’t stop.


  • The “settle for less” individual. Doesn’t think he/she can do better so they wont try.

This individual defeats him/herself before they even get started.

Their self-view is so in need of help that they won’t even consider trying.

They barely get by in school if they even graduate.  They seek jobs that require no education

or talent.

They usually marry an individual who has the same self-view that they do…

and so their children usually end up the same way.



Working with people I have come to learn that everyone has a talent that God placed in them from birth,

it’s helping them to find the gift and learning to use it that makes the difference in a life.


Here’s how we find it in you

  • We set up an appointment and get your intake information.



  • We will use the information in the profile to show you EXACTLY where you true gift is


  •  We will show you step by step how to use the gift you have on the job and relationships


  •  We will teach you and your mate to understand each other in a way you never knew you could!


Lets begin right here! Contact us to get started