Not alone, not forsaken

Not alone, not forsaken











Not alone, not forsaken

I’ve always understood the term “self medication” in people because I’ve worked with it for many years. One thing that I know for certain, and that is that people don’t want to self medicate. When I begin working with a patient that is addicted to “self medicating” I eventually begin to see a few things.


Rejection takes many forms and can be unrecognizable unless you know where to look. Rejection can hide and mask itself as pride, anger, fear and other things.

Early rejection usually starts with ones family, and especially parents. A child begins to get their value from parents, however if a parent didn’t get value from their parents then they aren’t sure how to value their child. So the rejection goes on from child to child to child.

So the fear of rejection continues and it is a difficult thing to deal with if one does not know how. Most people that I know have low self esteem, and they have difficulty in seeing value in themselves so when rejection comes along it just proves what they have been thinking about themselves all along.

Where to go from here?

First of all we need to realize that you were really created in God’s image! and God does not make junk!  So the more of the reading of the word of God that you do, the better yourself opinion will be.

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