I have a Melancholy Mind HELP!!!

If you are a Melancholy, then you know exactly what I am talking about.


So, let us talk for a few minutes about a Melancholy and what it means to you.

As a doctor I can safely state that the melancholy mind is one of the most genius prone minds that God made.

If you are reading a great novel or listening to a classic piece of music, then you are more than likely experiencing the work of a melancholy.

If you could get a melancholy to explain what is going on in their minds, they will tell you that there is “more than meets the eye”.

At Fort Worth Christian Counseling we know “what is inside” of a melancholy mind…and we also know the “more than meets the eye” part of the melancholy too.

Let us cover a small section of the basics.

  • A melancholy has a brain that they cannot slow down. We call this “fast brain syndrome”. Imagine if you will the ability to think about everything that you have encountered during a day. Not just one subject at a time but EVERYTHING. Repeatedly you re-process this data to such a degree that your stress level will become bothersome or debilitating.
  • People will cause stress to the melancholy They would rather be alone or with 1 or 2 trusted people than a stranger. The stress they feel around people will cause anxiety…and along with the stress from “fast brain syndrome” this anxiety will turn into depression.
  • Most melancholies (but not all) will “self-medicate” in an effort to “stop the pressure and pain in their lives.
  • Most melancholies will live in a “dark mood” They feel as if they are under a storm cloud or wet blanket all day. At times (but rather rare) they will go into a “black mood”. This can be dangerous for them and they “may” contemplate self-harm.

At Fort Worth Christian Counseling the melancholy can get the help that they need to “take their lives back”

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