Including God in your sex life

I realize that some people will think this title strange but there are those who will understand completely

Do you understand my pain?

As a Word of Faith mental health I specialize in helping people with sexual difficulties…and I realize that the pain that sexual difficulties can cause are of the most devastating of their kind.

Sexual difficulty can cause a person to “second guess” themselves with marriage relationships, friendships and even work relationships.

God created us sexual creatures and he knows that we cannot function properly without that physical connection with our mate.

Being unable to “complete” your physical union with your mate will cause you to lose focus in everyday life.

Ok how do I get God involved in all of this?

The first place we must always start with any difficult situation involving other people, we must always start with ourselves. I realize its hard to do especially when you are positive that the problem is with your mate!

Intimacy always starts with behavior. If you are single…you will draw that type of woman/man to yourself.

And because you are used to your behavior…you think that your new found boy/girlfriend is perfect!

A few months down the road with your new beau…you realize that you made a giant mistake!

Behavior brings intimacy…so if you are having sexual difficulty in your marriage…take an emotional inventory of how you are approaching your mate.

YES! Ask God SPECIFIC questions

So Including God in your sex life is a good idea! That’s right! God WANTS you to ask him specific questions when it comes to your sex life!

Think about it this way…how do you think Adam and Eve learned how to have sex with each other? They had to have a teacher!

God has ideas about sexual positions…sexual techniques that will please your mate but we never get that instruction because we are too embarrassed to as him for advice.

It may take you a little time to get used to this idea…but trust God and see where he leads you!

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