Fast brain syndrome

"fast brain" syndrome“thinking fast on your feet” or being able to make “on the fly decisions” can be a true gift.

You are able to make decisions and take on responsibilities for others better than most!

We need more people like you!  If you have “fast brain” syndrome you want the opposite of

“thinking fast”…


There are some Temperaments that cannot stop their brain from thinking fast which can cause problems.

There are Temperaments like The Melancholy that will have difficulties “slowing their brain down”.


Since a Melancholy can’t “slow down” it will cause anxiety that will lead to stress which will lead to depression.

There are different types of depression…lets look at 2 of them.

  1. Dark Depression. This is a type of depression that makes one feel as if they have a “wet Blanket” over them all the time and they cant seem to get out from under it.
  2. Black Depression. This type of depression will place one in a state of mind where “logic” isn’t a part of the thought process where they can make dangerous decisions.

“fast brain” syndrome

The difficulty here is that because these people cannot slow down their brains it causes anxiety and stress…

so all the thoughts in their minds are never completely dealt with. We see that many Melancholiesself medicate” because they can’t deal with the thought process that is happening in their brain.

The Penewit Center has developed a step-by-step plan to assist those who can’t slow down.

This plan shows the differences in the thought patterns that if dealt with will make a difference in one’s life.

There are things that a Melancholy should learn to be able to bring the necessary thought patterns together.

A racing brain can be the source of P.T.S.D. and various types of paranoia.

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