PLEASE! Make it Stop!

Are you the type of person who prays every night to… “PLEASE! Make it stop!” ?

If you are then you feel alone because you know that “no one else on the planet knows what you are going through”.

While its true that people may not understand what you are going through, there are others “out there” who are on this journey.

Make it stop? What do you mean?

First lets describe the type of person that shares in this difficulty.  Introducing “The Melancholy”  This temperament is among the deepest thinkers of any of The 5 Temperaments or “blends”

so thinking is what they do best!

Because the Melancholy thinks so often they have a thought pattern that moves within their brain very fast…so fact that they cannot “slow their brains down”.

This causes anxiety and stress that leads them to depression. To a Melancholy this can lead to a life that can be a nightmare.

There are so many thoughts manifesting in their brains that they cant process them easily.

This causes them to have a “bad mood”because their mood always follow their thought process…and what to they think about all the time? The negative things!

If they were able to think positive all the time…their mood would be happy.

The deeper equation

The Melancholy is unable to sleep because when they lay their head on their pillow they are able to see all the bad things that have happened to them in graphic detail. So sleep isn’t something that happens all that often.

Whats the answer?

The Therapists at Fort Worth Christian Counseling can assist you in learning how to think in such a way that you can handle all of the negative thoughts and take authority over them once-and-for-all.

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