Rejection/silent killer

Rejection/silent killer

Rejection…I remember the first patient that I worked with concerning rejection  when we started our practice all those years ago.

It was with this patient that I was called to be an “expert witness” in my first court case.

Since then I have dealt with rejection…not only in the lives of my patients but in my own life as well.

What is rejection?

Rejection is a spirit…and its not a good one either. Jesus warned us about the spirit of rejection while he was still on the earth…

     Matthew 4:18“If the world hates you, you know that it has hated Me before it hated you.

I like the business definition of rejection;

“A term used for an insurer’s refusal to insure a given risk.”

Lets face it…loving someone can be a risk if you don’t understand what rejection really is.

How to recognize where rejection comes from

Rejection has many roots…most all of them come from greed. But there are a few places within ones soul that speaks from fear.

Fear rejection speaks from fear when it says

“I DON’T/CANT LOVE YOU”  but what its really saying is “I’M AFRAID YOU WILL REJECT ME”

Rejection can be a form of self protection…”I’LL REJECT YOU BEFORE YOU CAN HURT ME”

It can speak from low self esteem


Rejection in a relationship most likely comes from fear…so that both parties end up building a wall between them.

Rejection slowly saps your life from you

Rejection puts a person in a state of mind where they are never “worthy” of another’s affection…which causes anxiety.

Anxiety makes it’s entrance because human beings MUST HAVE LOVE AND AFFECTION! The lack of genuine love

causes anxiety to usher in depression. Anxiety/depression has the components to bring physical illness on the human body.

Next up “How do I deal with Rejection”

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