If you have read my last post about rejection, then you know the term rejection…Deadly.

Stress is actually a spirit and it is a spirit that will not let go and less you force it to let go.

But did you know that different temperaments view and handle stress very differently.

You may not be you and handle rejection the same way that the other temperaments do but it is still rejection nonetheless.


Rejection will make decision making difficult

Rejection will actually affects the way an individual sees themselves.  A person may look at themselves as a failure

When in actuality they are successful.

Rejection may cause a woman to see herself as unattractive…  or cause a man to think that he is unattractive.

Even though there are five different temperaments and they withheld see rejection in a different light than the others,

Every individual still has a need to be validated.  What I mean by validated is the individual seeks approval from others.


How rejection works

Lets look at the woman who because of rejection all of her life will see herself as unattractive.  Let’s say this one is married

And because of life, the children the job, and marriage she feels alone and rejected by her husband.  This woman they find herself

trying to get attention from other men.  She may not even know she is doing it, so what is she seeking?

She is saying with her actions “will somebody please tell me that I’m pretty?”  “Will somebody please tell me that I am attractive?”

It is the same way with men who may be so busy with their own life that they have grown apart from their mate simply by having a busy lifestyle.

He may flirt with another woman in the office…

What is he saying?  Will somebody please tell me I’m still attractive?  Will somebody show me a little attention?

When this begins…I don’t think this man or woman is necessarily seeking an affair, they just wants to be validated.

Everyone wants to be wanted, needed by somebody but as I have said, life and the job, and the kids make it difficult.

The result of these decisions may be the death of a marriage…but KEEP THE FAITH!!! If this is you…ALL IS NOT LOST!

Dealing with the spirit of rejection is next on our posts…stay tuned!


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