Rejection…who wins?

Rejection...who wins?Rejection…who wins?

Rejection seems to be one of those things that simply will not go away…hence the question Rejection…who wins?

Either you take out rejection or rejection will take you out. rejection won’t give up until you force it to leave.

Let’s look some Temperaments and see how rejection affects them.

The Melancholy

The Melancholy temperament starts out with low self esteem…so rejection is something that they deal with from the start.

Even though the melancholy is the most brilliant of all five temperaments, they see themselves as all the lesser of the other temperaments.

Their low self esteem keeps them from using their superior intellect, so they allow rejection to ” beat them up”.

I believe this is one reason why people stress the melancholy out the way they do.  They simply do not see themselves as likable people.

So they refuse to enter into relationships to begin with.

How The Melancholy can win over rejection

Because of their intellect, The Melancholy can see things “logically” better than the other temperaments.

They must “feed themselves” with God’s promises through His Word where they can read about what HE thinks about them…

what HE says about them. Once they begin to be convinced that they are worthy…they can defeat rejection.

 The Sanguine

Unlike The Melancholy…The Sanguine NEEDS PEOPLE!

Sanguines don’t necessarily see themselves as unworthy of others but they do have such a need for people and their input

that they can be totally shut down without them.

A Sanguine can actually use bad/negative behavior to get attention. To them negative attention is better than no attention!

This is how desperately they need input from other people!

How The Sanguine can win over rejection

No doubt about it…The Sanguine MUST have people in their lives so its imperative that they volunteer where there are people of good morals.

The Sanguine needs to have a mate that understands their need for their input.

Next up…How The Supine can defeat rejection.


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