The Supine…nightmare of rejection

The Supine...nightmare of rejection

The Supine…nightmare of rejection


Lets begin today by explaining a little bit about fear and how it connects to rejection.

First off fear has a good buddy…  And these two go everywhere together.  Wherever you find fear

That you will find it death right beside it.

If you are afraid of something it is always because you know get this far behind.

Think about it for just a second if you are afraid of dogs why?  You are afraid they might kill you.

If you are afraid to fly…then you far that the plane may crash and yo will die. Afraid of water? Afraid you may drown.

So Fear and death go everywhere together.

I am a Supine so how does this affect me?


at The Supine…nightmare of rejection Of The 5 Temperaments… rejection affects The Supine differently than any other temperament.

The Supine simply cannot process rejection the way the other temperaments can.


I’m not saying that the other temperaments don’t care if they are rejected because that is not true!

Nearly all of the 5 temperaments struggle with rejection but none more than The Supine.

Emotional pain hits a high with them and they cannot reason their way out rejection.


I call it the “deer in the headlights” syndrome. When rejected the supine will simply stand there and

show little if any emotions. When they do show emotions…they usually cry or show “hurt feelings”

But Supines don’t really get “hurt feelings” it’s something else.

Supines have a strong gift

With all of this talk about the weaknesses of the supine you may thing that this temperament is useless

but nothing can be further from the truth! The supine has a superior gift that no other temperament has.

They have the ability to reach people unlike any other temperament.

They can reach hurting people…people in pain and agony by showing their gentle nature.


But what really lurks in the heart of the supine when they are rejected?


Next up “The Supine’s strongest emotion”