The Supine’s strongest emotion

The Supine’s strongest emotion

The Supine’s strongest emotionThere are quite a few things about The Supine Temperament that are amazing among the temperaments.


About The Supine

The Supine will appear to be the most tender and gentle of the temperaments…and indeed they are!

The Supine is that type of person that you may find yourself talking to and telling them your life-story.

They are the easiest most empathetic people to talk to because they listen with a tender heart.

Supines will work to make sure that whoever they are with will not feel stressed or “put out” by their wants, needs or decisions.

They would rather be hurt themselves rather than to do something to hurt or reject others.


The Supine and decision making

This is where the nightmare can begin for The Supine.

Because they are so concerned about making the WRONG decision where people are concerned,

they will be OVERLY STRESSED when having to make a decision.

Because of this they will stress over even the smallest decisions that they are asked to make.


The Supine listens to what you say!

The Supine will listen to everything that is said to them and because they have such a tender gentle nature

is may seem as if they get “hurt feelings” easily.


So what is The Supine’s strongest emotion

It’s interesting to note that The Supine doesn’t get “hurt feelings”…they get angry! So you may notice that

they “go nuclear” about once every 5 weeks or so.

When they explode its something that hits everyone in the room and the supine will feel guilty and hurt because they

feel as if they hurt others.

This is something that The Supine cant stop even if the wanted to and it can affect their daily like and relationships.

These emotions can all but disable The Supine…but if they know their temperament they can be shown

how to take their life back

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