Whats really in an affair?

 Whats really in an affair?Whats really in an affair?


Fort Worth Christian Counseling works with those caught up in affairs so lets look at the subject Whats really in an affair?

If you read my article “Clarification please” then you know that “the damage is done” before the physical affair even begins.

Why? because the brain is flooded with addictive chemicals that make one think that they affair is good for them.

People always ask the question “How did I get here to begin with”?

Recognizing the warning signs

Its a subtle slope that leads to ruin as they say…and this is true with affairs as well.

Lets look at some warning signs that can point to trouble…and then we will look at how to handle these warning signs.

– You don’t tell people that you are “taken” or you don’t wear your wedding ring to work.

When you are meeting that ‘new guy”at work you don’t tell him that you are married unless they ask you.

Consciously or unconsciously, you may not want to prevent other people from viewing you as a potential romantic or sexual  partner

or you may just want to avoid the subject of your mate and your relationship. Either way, you are in a danger zone

– You have a specific plan that you would use if you ever decided to have an affair and you may even know who you’d cheat with.

You may not have a desire to cheat but the fact that you have an “exit plan” shows that there is danger in the relationship.

– you are  engaging in “innocent flirting” with a co-worker” or someone you see frequently.

– You are having more fun without your partner than with them. If there is no excitement left in your relationship with your partner, the odds increase that you are going to look for excitement elsewhere.

– You think that your feelings for your mate have changed do you feel like you love your mate but you are not “in love” with them?

– You’ve been unhappy with your mate for quite some time (a year or more)

– You feel bored with the relationship and you miss the dating scene that you used to be involved in

– You know other people who are having affairs (probably quite a few)

These are warning signs that can point to a disaster. If you are in an affair or being drawn into one…it’s not too late. There are proven steps that you can take to back out of this disaster.

Next up…what to do to avoid an affair

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