Supine life

Supine lifeSupine life

As we continue discussing The Supine Temperament we must understand what goes on in the daily of the supine, or as we call it Supine Life.

Since we are talking about a Supine in the control area…we must understand that a person has 3 areas in their soul…lets look at them.

  • The mind…or as we call it “inclusion”
  • The will or “control” area
  • The emotions or “affection” area

Nearly 80% of the Supines are female but there are male Supines too!

The Beauty of the Supine life

Dr W H Penewit states “The Supine” is one of my favorites of The 5 Temperaments to work with because they have such a beauty about them when they are communicating with people.

They approach people in such a way that they will never willingly make the person they are talking to feel bad.

People feel at ease when talking to a Supine even when they are hurting…because a Supine is what Dr Penewit calls “an emotional healer”.

Dr Penewit states “When I hear my Supine wife in a counseling session it is a “work of art”…like watching Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

If a Supine encounters an angry or hurting person, they will soothe them simply by talking to them.

The nightmare of the Supine life

A Supine is so fearful of “hurting a person” by a decision that the may make that they simply do not have the ability to make decisions the way the other Temperaments do.

When a Supine is faced with a decision involving another person they will go over it in their mind incessantly.

This causes them to stress to the point of exhaustion but the mate of a Supine will never see this pain because

the Supine will never let anyone see their pain for fear that they may “hurt” their mate…so they are superb at “poker face” which means that you will never see this pain on their face.

There are many other things that  Supine must learn if they are to lead a less stressful life.

If you think you may be a Supine…Call us!