Learning to Communicate

Learning to Communicate

Learning to Communicate can be quite a chore that seems to elude most people.

The art of communication can be success for a salesman, teacher, lawyer and many other types.

Lets face it, if you know how to communicate you can “sell” yourself and your ideas to others.


Ideas like how much you love your mate, telling your boss what they want to hear or the vital communication with your children.

It seems like the problem with communication is how others make you feel. What do they REALLY mean with what they say?


Were they being kind or where they “talking down” to you. What you think about yourself is important.

You will see as we continue that what you think about yourself is vital to any communication with others.


What you think about yourself

Learning to Communicate

What a person things about themselves is the first step in successful communication.

Low self esteem can color a persons life in a positive or negative way so knowing what to look for is vital to success.

If we dont have much confidence in ourselves then we wont have much confidence in what others think about us.


Knowing why you think what you think

Learning to Communicate

We all want answers to the painful questions that have been unanswered as long as we can remember.

Lets face it…it’s the painful questions we all want answers for not the positive thought questions.

Why am I being rejected?

Why am I not as successful as others?

Why cant I keep friends?

Why am I “antisocial” is something wrong with me?

Learning to Communicate

By now you may see that what you think about yourself is the beginning of successful communication.

Learning about yourself and what your emotional strengths are brings successful

Next up? Part 2 of our series on successful communication.

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