How “self esteem” affects communication

How “self esteem” affects communication Hopefully you read my previous article Learning to Communicate where we talked about the importance of “self esteemHow "self esteem" affects communication

It’s important to learn that your sense of “self esteem” which is a VITAL part of communication.


When we communicate it’s what we think about ourselves and how we value our gifts that determine how we

give and receive communication with others.

How “self esteem” affects communication

I’ll use myself as an example.

I know what my Temperament is and I know what my gift are…there is a reason why I communicate with others

I have a good amount of Sanguine in my Temperament…especially in my Inclusion area.

Because I know my Temperament, I know where my weaknesses and strengths are.

I seek out The Bible and its wisdom where the weaknesses in my Temperament are and deal with them daily.

Your Therapist will show you how to apply Gods Word to your Temperament and deal with weaknesses.

Let’s look at “low self esteem” and how it affects our every day lives.


The Melancholy in inclusion has low self esteem and it will affect their very desire to communicate with others.

A Melancholy fears failure…especially around others, so they have difficulty in trying new things.

They have a tendency to see what they can’t do and rarely see the good that they can do.

They will not be trusting of the compliments of others because they cant see themselves as deserving it.

The Sanguine looks at life from “rose colored glasses” so-to-speak. They see people as a strength.

Its when they communicate that they are at their best …but a Sanguine has low self esteem where the fear of rejection is concerned.

They fear rejection and will “swing down” into a dependent mode making them unable to use their true gift until they swing back up.

Each Temperament and “Temperament blend” will have various self esteem issues…


When we take The Temperament Profile we begin a journey of learning to communicate the way God designed us to communicate.

in our careers, with our mates and families and friends.

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