Let children know

A child’s eyes

When you look into your child’s eyes what do you see?

When they laugh and when they cry, when they are happy or sad?


How do they respond to your voice? How do they respond to your reactions?

When you build your child up from infancy it will show when they get older.


Their self-esteem will be greater, and their trust in themselves will show.


Whenever I work with parents who have a new born child or an infant, I always instruct them to talk to their child.


A one month old baby may not understand what their parents are saying

but they will know that they are loved and safe… even if it is only by the tone of their parents voice.


What does The Word say?

Let’s look at what Paul said in 1 THESSALONIANS 5:11

Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.


Speak positive words

Did you get this? Paul is saying for us to build one another up.


Speaking positive words, words of affirmation and words of love are excellent ways to build-up one another.

The most important thing isn’t what the child or the adult does it is how we respond to what they do or say that makes the difference.


Depending on the situation I realize that the first response might be negative…

But if you think about it a negative response always brings a negative reaction.


Responding in a loving manner to your mate or your child will foster trust between the two of you.

You may be saying or thinking to yourself “he does not know what he is asking of me”!


Trust God for your answers and he will show you exactly what to do.

Learning how to respond in a loving manner requires maturity and growth.


But the end result will be a loving nurturing relationship.


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