Saying I love you

I love you!

Three of the most powerful words that I know are…I LOVE YOU.

This is an interesting phrase  because it only goes one way.

The only way you can say I love you is to give it to someone else.


Love gives

So I think that we can say that love is outgoing… never incoming when we say it ourselves.

I want you to know that love is healing, saying I love you has a healing effect on the soul

as well as the body of the one you are giving it to.


Different types of love

In the Greek language there are many meanings for the word love.

In English we say “I love you” but in their language they specify what type of “love” they are offering to you.


God’s love and how it is used

One of the types of love that Jesus spoke most often about is the word “Agape”

One of the primary meanings to this word is giving love to someone else without expecting anything in return.

You can see that Agape is a giving type of love just like Jesus used.

But please know that this type of love isn’t always easy to give.

This love is the most potent when it is the most difficult to give to someone else.


Love is a medicine

I have always said that “hurt people hurt people”.

Sometimes people that hurt you the most are the ones who are hurt the most

and these people are the ones who need Agape love the most!

By telling your mate or your children that you love them,

is like giving them medicine when they are sick or afflicted.


Agape Love

Quite often in my counseling practice I work with people who sincerely do not believe that anyone loves them.

I know that we have all felt this way before and if you are going to be honest with yourself,

it is one of the most difficult times in a person’s life.


Agape love is an exclusive

Agape  love can only be received from the father… In fact it is the only place in the universe were you can get this kind love.

There are other types of love like friendship love sexual love romantic love… And all these types of love are easy to come by.

Would you like to know why? The answer is because all these other types of love are based on feelings.

Agape love is based on the type of love that God gives you,

and you know that you can give the same kind of love to other people.


Another way that I can explain Agape love is sacrificial love.

Agape love can be the most difficult type of love to give,

because most of the time when we give Agape love is when we are hurting too.


At the Penewit institute we work with 5 different types of temperaments and each temperament

and the thousands of various blends of temperament will each look at love a little bit differently.


Please do not think that this type of love is out of your reach and that you will never be able to give it…

Give us a call or send us an email and let’s get started on this journey together.

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