Rewriting how you think


Rewriting how you think

We are always thinking about something aren’t we?


While you are driving to work, while you are at work,

while you are driving home, and when you put your head on your pillow at night to try to go to sleep.


The fact is …our thought life is always with us.

If you are going to be honest with yourself

…more times than not your thoughts will control your mood.


How we think

It isn’t just what we think that can be the problem it is also how we think that can be the biggest danger.


The 5 temperaments that we work with at the Penewit Institute each have a different way of thinking.


I am sure that you have heard someone say I am “thinking things through”.

What do they really mean? Thinking things through?


What are the parameters that people use while they are thinking things through?


The Melancholy Temperament has a mind that is always thinking.

They have a mind that they cannot shut off.

Remember that our mood always following our thought process.

If we think down then our mood will go down, if wer think positive

then our mood swings


As brilliant as they are,  often times their mood controls the creativity.


The Sanguine has a unique thought pattern that is controlled by their mood.


The other 3 temperaments have various ways of thinking but each one of these temperaments have specific needs

that if met will actually re write the thought patterns of that individual.


If you have been to our website Then you may have read the articles and watched the videos that explain what temperament needs are.


An individual who gets these temperament needs met

will generally have an optimal thought process going on inside their minds..

They will be thinking up or thinking positive and if that is the case then the type of thoughts that they think will change as well.


Knowing what your temperament is well help us to determine why you are depressed.

Climbing out of that state of depression may be easier than you would imagine.


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