Do I need marriage counseling?

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Do I need marriage counseling?

This is probably one of the most important questions

you will ask in your marriage..

Do I need marriage counseling?


Most couples try to” go it alone” …

Leaving the hurt, resentment and pain alone is where resentment can grow and turn into pain.

This pain will eventually become the “wedge”  between 2 people.

This wedge will turn into bitterness which will infect  the intimacy between a couple.


If we ignore it, it will go away


How many times have you tried to ignore an infection or pain in your body only to end up at the doctor’s office?

Ignoring what seems to be a simple miss understanding or disagreement can have the same effect.


We will answer your “why” questions

You have questions about your marriage…you want to know “why”.

Our temperament Profile which is professional and Bible based

will help us

Give us a call or send us a message, we can help

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