Adversity in marriage… Doesn’t have to be

Adversity in marriage... Doesn't have to beAdversity in marriage

Marriage and adversity seems to go together

You have one opinion and your mate seems to have the opposite opinion.


What we must realize here is that opinions are generally based on a person’s morals, or their temperament.

Your mate may have I different opinion about A specific situation but is that necessarily negative?


When we discuss the 5 temperaments… We discover that each temperament has its weaknesses but it also has its strengths.

You may say a specific situation from your temperament point of view, but you are made will see the situation from their temperament point of view.


Doesn’t have to be

My point is that neither one of you are necessarily wrong.

If you know what your mates specific strength is then you will know when to follow their lead.


The same is true with yourself. If you know your specific strengths then you will know  who should make the decision.

Your temperament goes deeper than simply making decisions.


Next week we will talk about temperament and affection.

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