Is your child depressed?

aroni 738306 640The question for the day is ” Is your child depressed”?


The Penewit Institute is seeing more and more preteens, teens, and young adults that have been placed on medication for depression.


While there are times where medication is called for, and there are other times when medication may not be necessary.


If your child is depressed, I’m sure you’ve asked yourself “why” ?


The method of treatment at the Penewit Institute  is


  1. Meet with you and your child. We are seeking answers from parent and child so this is a very important session.  The questions that we will ask are specifically designed to help us see where the difficulties lie.
  2. Administer the Temperament Profile on your child.
  3. Interpret the results to the parents
  4. Develop a personalized plan based on your child’s unique Temperament

The results will tell us in great detail why your child is depressed.


There are 5 temperaments and each temperament has specific temperament needs.

When these needs are not being met it will cause stress and depression.

We will also teach your child coping skills in specific waves tailored for them based on their temperaments.


Stress and depression are not difficult to deal with if you know where to look.

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