Living with yourself


Living with yourselfIt may be difficult to live with some people but living with yourself can be the most difficult.


My wife has said for years that I am my own worst critic.

I tend  to be “harder” on myself when it comes to working with my patients.


I’ve always taken other people’s pain very seriously

and so I tend to use this as an excuse to “push myself” more than I should.


I realize that at times I am not all that easy to live with.


If you are married or single…you are “living with yourself” every day of your life.


What does this mean?


All throughout life we THINK that we know ourselves fairly well…

but do we really know ourselves as well as we think we do?


Living inside your head


As your day progresses you make decisions based on a specific criteria.


You may wonder why you make the decisions that you do…

especially if these decisions bring pain and turmoil to your life.


But what if you KNEW why you made the decisions that you make?


How would your life change if you knew why you kept making the wrong decisions?


Once the therapists at Fort Worth Christian Counseling administer a “Temperament Profile”…

you will begin to learn how and WHY you make the decisions that you make.


Give us a call or send us a message…we can help you discover a new you!

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