I’ll never do this again!

I'll never do this again!How many times have you said to yourself? “I’ll never do this again!”


I realize that there can be a variety of reasons that one would make such a statement…but I’d like to “narrow” this down into a more easy to understand format.


The  number one reason is that you probably made a decision that you regret.


Decisions can be about a thing or an object, or a person or relationship.


Decisions about objects or things.


As a professional who works with all types of people I’ve learned that people make the wrong decisions in life because of REJECTION.


Let’s face it…rejection can cause a person to make “self-medicating decisions”

This is a decision to “dull the pain” in an individual.


These decisions can cause a person to live a life that they don’t have to live…such as


  • a job that is “beneath your intellect or skills*
  •  Feeling as if you are never “good enough” for the “better things in life”
  • Always accepting “second best in life”


To be honest with you…this can control your entire life and EVERY decision that you will make.

Decisions involving people

Rejection causes “low self-esteem” in one’s life…and low self-esteem will affect the PERSONAL DECISIONS.


This will affect an individual’s choice of friends, careers and even who they will choose as a mate.


Personal decisions go deep…and it is these decisions that can last a lifetime. They can actually affect all the decisions that one makes in life.



Fort Worth Christian Counseling in Hurst Texas works with “5 Temperaments” and each one of these temperament and the various “blends” determine how an individual will make decisions.


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