Love the easy way

How to loveLove the easy way …love seems to be the most difficult thing to give out and receive.

Many of my patients make the statement…”there has to be an easier way to do this”

Good intentions

most of the time our intentions start out in good.

First of all the plan is to have a great weekend with our mate…

We schedule  a great day out with a nice intimate dinner in the evening.

We want to reach out and let our mate know how much we love them

and what they mean to us.

Our hearts overflow with love and affection as we continue our plans.


The inevitable happens

it seems like everything is going according to plan,

but out of nowhere you and your mate begin to bicker.

You have no idea where it came from and as hard as you try to stop

things just get worse.

As a result you attempt a “fix” but it seems like this just makes things worse.


Taking a step back

First of all I would like you to know that things are not as bleak as they may seem.

Taking a step back in looking the situation over can yield some positive results here.

I would like to show you something that is simple in design that can be the real game changer.

As you know God made each human being on this planet unique.

He made us so unique that no 2 people are alike.



Knowledge is power

The following are the 5 basic temperaments

  1. The Melancholy
  2. The Choleric
  3. The Sanguine
  4. The Supine
  5. The Phlegmatic

As you will see…each temperament is unique in design.

Knowing just what your mates temperament is will teach you exactly what they want and low to love them.

Sounds easy?

This is a game changer that works!

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