Melancholy goals

 MelancholyMelancholy goals

Goals of The Melancholy

If you look at the Meme to your right…you will see the topic of today. What I’m about to share is extremely important to The Melancholy Temperament. In fact its the primary goal that every Melancholy wants to achieve. So lets begin…

To Be Able to Think…

Most people take this for granted…but not The Melancholy!

Melancholies are the deepest thinkers of all The 5 Temperaments and because of this they have a mind that they can’t shut off.

So being able to think in peace becomes an issue.

Because they have a mind that they cant shut off they usually think about all the negative things that happen the them.

This can cause the “ghosts” of the past to come back whenever they want to and “remind” about past hurts/pains.

So learning to think becomes vital to them…but there is a process that they MUST learn to reach this goal

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To be Able to Dream

The Melancholy has a Temperament Need to dream. This dream will lead them into the final phase.

We’re not talking about literal dreaming while one is sleeping, but meditating on their goals.

While they are in the dream phase they are able to “put ideas together” in their mind.

This actually reduces the stress that they feel because they know the idea is there but they cant “see” it in their minds eye.

To Regenerate

This is the final phase that The Melancholy wants to reach…REGENERATION!

When they are able to Think and Dream they will regenerate.

This process will give them the ability to control the mind that wont shut off and bring peace to them.

There are processes that they must learn but they are easy and step-by-step.

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