Never Accept normal


My wife and I have a digital scale in our bedroom.
What is funny is that this scale will only work in one place… right in front of the sink.

I remember when we first got this scale and put Normalit where it sits it was really uncomfortable to straddle that thing while washing our hands.

But as time went by we simply got used to it and now it is no big deal.
Every now and again I think to myself ” Why don’t I just go out and get a new scale”?

We accepted normal

Normality set into our life.

The question for today is “what is normal” ?

The definition at least for this article is… Normal is something that she will allow to happen that you really shouldn’t.

An uncomfortable situation will set in in your marriage or in your life and Rather than taking care of the issue you will… To grin and bear it

In the beginning it seems like this is the easiest path to take doesn’t?

You may think to yourself…” What’s the big deal anyway”?

Things that you should not allow

I am sure that you have heard the old saying… “A lot of little things add up to one big thing”.

I’m sure that you all remember the Scripture verse and the song of Solomon “it is the little foxes that spoil the vine”

What things am I talking about?

The things that we accept as normal

This is one issue that has destroyed more friendships and marriages than any thing that I can think of.
Everybody will have disagreements every now and then but it should not be a deal breaker.

The feeling of being unloved

Not feeling loved and not telling your made about it will quite often be accepted as normal.
It may seem painful to discuss the issue with your mate but this is the only way to reach healing.

There are many things in our lives that we accept normal.
If we take a long look at these things we will realize that they are issues that should be dealt with.

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