When nice people finish last

When nice people finish lastWhen nice people finish last


Today I want to talk about the subject “when nice people finish last


I’m sure you have heard the old saying  “Nice guys finish last”…


But as you well know this doesn’t only applied to men.


How many times have you said to yourself I’ve tried to live a good lifeI’ve been nice to people, and I’ve always tried to do my best.


And yet it seems like you always end up at the end of the line.


I certainly know what that is like,  It seems as if everything that I have attempted either failed or I had to work extremely hard to get it to work.


When you are younger and trying to make your mark in the world this can be exasperating.


Being a doctor and working with thousands of individuals over the years I have learned something about these people that seem to finish last.


As I sit in my office and work with these people I notice something about them.


I notice that these people usually have very lofty goals.


And what’s more, I noticed that these people have the where with all to accomplish these tasks.


I work with very successful people and they succeed because they try hard.


These people have certainly earned what they have.


However, the nice people who seemed to finish last are the ones who are trying to open the big doors.


I am not talking about small doors but I am talking about the big doors the major life changing world changing undertakings.


satan seems to push against these people with everything that he has because he knows that these people are what we call world changers.


Far too often these world changers do not realize that they are who they are.


They have been beat down so much that they actually begin to believe that they are no bodies and that they will amount to nothing.


I thoroughly enjoy working with these people because I get to show them who and what they really are.


If the phrase “when nice people finish last” fits you, do not be despaired…


You are the people that this world is waiting for!


If you want to know how God wired you to be…


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