New years Resolutions done right

New years Resolutions done right

“It’s time to change” …we’ve all said it

It’s time to change! How many times in your life have you said that to yourself? “New years resolutions” are right around the corner. I’ve said it more times than I would ever care to remember. Most of us know that we need to change and the few people that don’t are the ones that say “there’s nothing wrong with me I don’t need to change anything.” Well, they say ignorance is bliss.

But what about the rest of us? What about those of us that know there’s things in us that we need to change, that God wants us to change? Where do we go? How do we do it?

If you’ve watched the video on the front page of our website “at the end of your rope“then you know what I’m talking about.

I realize that you have tried to make a change countless times and you have failed. For example…how many times have you said to yourself “I’m going to lose weight starting in January.” Maybe the first couple of days you are good but after those first couple of days you probably had the biggest meal that you’ve ever eaten! That is what I’m talking about.

How it begins

New years Resolutions are all well intended but look around you and see how other people have changed, these are the people that usually write books about how you can  change your life.

You read these books and it all sounds good but it just doesn’t work for you. Sound familiar?

What if these suggestions could work for you? But you just don’t know how to apply them?

Most of us think we know ourselves pretty well but in actuality we don’t. The reason?We must learn exactly how God created us.

There are FIVE TEMPERAMENTS that God created when he created people.

There are thousands of various blends of temperaments but the five basic temperaments are The Melancholy The Choleric The Phlegmatic The Sanguine and The Supine.

So let’s get back to these “self-help books” that I talked about. When each of the Five Temperaments read these books they will process things very differently.

They may tell a strong Sanguine that he or she needs to go somewhere for a few days and be alone and think about things. That is something that a sanguine would find very difficult to do and it would cause more trouble than it would solve.

And the list goes on. So if you really want to make that change for the new year the best way to do it is to get your temperament profile taken at the Penewit Institute

Know how God created you to be and the possibilities are endless! Contact us today